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*Construction estimate completed by Baqus Construction & Property Consultancy. This includes a 10% contingency as is advisable for a project of this scale.

**Industry averages for professional services for a project of this scale.

***This cost would include all the sound, lighting, visuals, soft furnishings and general equipment to create a home and facilitate ministry. We will look to re-use what we can of our existing equipment in order to minimise cost.  

Clearly it's a huge challenge! There are some practical things we can do to help us meet it:

  • We can take out a mortgage against our existing assets

  • We are applying to Christian trusts interested in supporting building projects

  • We can look to phase parts of the build and the furnishing of the new warehouse so that they are completed only when the resources become available. This will allow us to begin construction sooner than would otherwise be possible

We can also be sensible around a starting date for the build. It could take more than a year for this money to be raised and we will look to temporary solutions in the meantime. 

This is an enormous mountain to climb. However, Warehouse 7 seemed out of reach and God did it. Warehouse 5 seemed unattainable, but now hundreds of us gather there every week. Our God can move mountains!

If you would like more details on the cost breakdown, please speak to one of team or contact the office at