Travelling overseas on short and long term mission has always been a part of Soul Survivor Watford Church. Soul Missions exists to inspire, equip and release those called to other countries whilst also informing those ‘at home’ of prayer, financial and practical needs.

Kate in Guatemala

Since early 2015, Kate Fisher has been serving in Guatemala as a social worker at Oasis – a specialist ministry for girls who have suffered sexual abuse. Within the ministry there is:

  • A residential home for girls aged 5-17 who have been sexually abused.
  • A specialist house for child mothers and their babies, and girls who are pregnant.
  • A transition programme for girls aged 18+.
  • A family reunification programme.
  • A foster family programme.

The focus of the Oasis ministry is justice, reconciliation and restauration of the family.

Guatemala is still battling the legacy of a civil war which raged from 1960-1996. There is an extremely high incidence of murder and violent crime; Guatemala is the 9th most dangerous country in the world. Violence against women and children is entrenched into society and there is much intra-familial sexual abuse, which largely goes unreported.


What can I pray for?

  • Justice , peace, restauration and transformation for the whole of Guatemala.
  • Protection for Kate as she travels around Guatemala, visiting families and gong to court.
  • Wisdom for Kate as she implements new policies and procedures in Oasis and shares them with other homes and ministries to improve social work practice across the nation.
  • Good physical, emotional and spiritual health for Kate as she works with severely traumatised children and complex families every day.



If you would like to receive Kate's news and prayer letter, please contact her at: katefisher86@hotmail.com

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Zoe in the middle east

Zoe has been serving the Middle East for a number of years.


What can I pray for?

  • Praise for God's abundant blessings during her sabbatical
  • For unity and enthusiasm in the community
  • For protection
  • For good physical, emotional and spiritual health


How can i support zoe?

If you would like to support Zoe financially please email friends@neomailbox.ch

David Sullivan

David is Director of Harvest Fields Commissioning International (U.K Registered Charity) and Principles TV which run leadership programmes. David has spoken to many Pastors and church leaders from around the world at a major conference in Jerusalem in August 2017.

David has released a book in the U.K and U.S, 'Progress of a Modern Pilgrim', which is available on Amazon for purchase. David has been interviewed by the BBC and Colourful Radio about his book, leading to conversations about God's guidance and voice and 'real' Christianity. 


What can I pray for?

  • For the Christian press to be more interested and active in covering the book.
  • For the finances, still needed, to purchase copies for leaders in closed countries.
  • For the next 2 books that David is working on simultaneously – one for the secular market and one for Bible teaching.
  • For salvation for those reading the book who are confronted with the Gospel for the first time.


To donate to Principles TV or find out more, visit the website here

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The Bergmann's

The Bergmann's are missionaries working in Pichilemu, Chile, with YWAM. Gerardo Bergmann is the director of the School of Grace for YWAM Pichilemu - a course which aims to create greater revelation and application of the New Covenant, training people in a biblical, emotional, spiritual and practical way to understand their new identity in Christ, the transformation of the cross, the well-being of their Heart, the life of Christ in them and the power to fulfil their purpose and Great Commission.


What can I pray for?

  • More participants for the School of Grace
  • Anointing for the Teaching
  • Transformation in the life of students
  • Safe travel for all guest speakers
  • A good start for family Thiesfield here in Pichilemu


How can I support the Bergmann's?

To find out more about YWAM Pichilemu click here.

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