Here are some of the friendly faces you’ll meet around Soul Survivor Watford. A few are full-time and others are either part-time or volunteers. If you’d like to get in touch with them, please follow the relevant email link.

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Mike Pilavachi
Senior Pastor
Contact Mike

Andy c (SF).png

Andy Croft
Senior Pastor
Contact Andy

Jon Stevens
Executive Pastor
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Ruth (SF).png

Ruth Yule
Assistant Pastor
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Ali (SF).png

Ali Martin
Assistant Pastor
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Nicola (SF).png

Nicola Rolfe
Assistant Pastor
Contact Nicola

Juliet 1 (SF).png

Juliet Johnson
Assistant Pastor
Contact Juliet

Vanessa 1 (SF).png

Vanessa Kerswill
Assistant Pastor and Curate
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Tom Smith
Worship Pastor
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Helen (SF).png

Helen Rushton
Children and Families Pastor
Contact Helen

Anna 1 (SF).png

Anna Yule
Community Families Support Worker
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steph 1(SF).png

Steph Rose
Children’s Pastoral Assistant
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andy 1 (SF).png

Andy Symonds
Pastoral Assistant
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Lili 1 (SF).png

Lili Reilly
Pastoral Assistant
Contact Lili


kathryn 1 (SF).png

Kathryn Maynard
Operations Manager
Contact Kathryn

Bethlynn (SF).png

Bethlynn Wilson
Church Co-ordinator
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Bob 1 (SF).png

Bob Wallington
Assistant Pastor - Youth
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Tabi Wallington
Assistant Youth Pastor
Contact Tabi

zoe (SF).png

Zoe Lowe
Assistant Youth Pastor
Contact Zoe


Our lovely trustees are Ally Maffey, Kevin Downton, Liza Hoeksma and Chris Gregory. The trustees are a team of people from our church with varied and extensive experience. They support the leadership team with advice and counsel and have legal responsibilities for the assets and activities of Soul Survivor Watford (K & JM Morgan Trust).

Ally Maffey
Contact Ally

Kevin Downton
Contact Kevin

Chris Gregory
Contact Chris

Liza Hoeksma
Contact Liza