How will the work be paid for?

Whilst we are pursuing external sources of funding the majority of the money that we will need will come from the church. We also have the option to take out a mortgage against the pledges that will allow us to access money ahead of time and begin the building work sooner.

Will the costs increase?

The build cost of £4.2 million is a figure arrives at by Baqus Construction & Property Consultancy. It includes a significant contingency and scope for us to save in some areas should unforeseen costs arise in others. Throughout the build we will be employing a professional project manager to oversee the project and to ensure that the costs are controlled. If you are interested in a more detailed outline of the costs please contact the church office.

What about our car parking problem?

Car parking remains an issue and we are continuing to wrestle with solutions. Over recent months another local business has kindly given us use of their car park on a Sunday - another fifty spaces. Even without this we still have capacity on the estate and in nearby residential streets. We have extensive plans to address the need for greater communication about where to park, improved accessibility for those who need it and to encourage people towards car-sharing, public transport and walking and cycling. If people are happy and able to walk for a few minutes from their cars we are confident we can accommodate the numbers of cars we expect as the family grows.

Can I change my pledge?

Yes. If for any reason you wish to alter your pledge (e.g. your financial situation changes) you can either increase or decrease your commitment to this project. Please just inform the church in writing.

Can we really do this?

Yes we can! We can do this because we believe the Lord is in it. We can do this because God loves it when His people give to bless others. We can do this if we are willing to take a risk and pay the cost.

What if I have more questions?

If you have any further questions please email and we'll get back to you ASAP.

When will the building work begin and how long will it last?

The need is urgent and so we will look to begin the building as soon as possible. At the same time we will only start the construction process when we have secured the resources to finish it either in pledges or with a sustainable mortgage. (See Lk. 14:28-30.) Cash-flow will also be a factor here. This means the amount given in upfront gifts versus the amount promised in pledges will be a consideration when we look at a starting date for the build. In the meantime we would look to address our space restrictions with further temporary solutions. We estimate the building process will last around a year.

Where will we meet in the meantime?

We currently don't know exactly where we will meet but are exploring all options and also trust that God has something in mind. We are currently looking at local schools. We are determined to continue growing closer together throughout this process rather than drifting apart, and whatever options most support that will be pursued.

Will any of the pastoral staff know what i'm giving?

It is our intention for none of the pastoral staff to know what you give. Andy and Mike will want to acknowledge any gift but would not know the amount. We feel it protects the pastoral relationship by keeping what you give confidential. This is between you and the Lord, and we don't want anyone to feel pressurised to give. Our administrative staff will be responsible for counting and processing the gifts and keeping records.

Isn't this a lot of money to spend on a building? Why not give it to the poor or to mission?

The church already gives over 10% of its income away to causes that don't directly benefit us. The vision for this building is for mission - especially to those who are struggling. It is for the sake of those who are not yet part of us. It is a means, not an end, and will create a facility that will allow ministry to flourish. Since we sacrificed to buy Warehouse 7 and 5 we have been able to serve so many more people and do so much more. This sacrifice is like those two; we are investing in the family home not for self-indulgence but that we might better serve others.