The Marriage & Relationship ministry at Soul Survivor Watford is headed up by Juliet & Keith Johnson.  Since 2009 they have supported over 100 couples through the Marriage Preparation and Marriage courses and more recently, through marriage coaching. 

They have been married for over 30 years and are both trained coaches. They have used this to develop a different approach, Marriage Coaching, to support couples of all ages who want to build great relationships and marriages. They are passionate about God’s vision for life long marriage and to see Soul Survivor Watford become known as a place where relationships work and marriages thrive.  They now train and support a team of Marriage Coaches in the church.

Juliet is on the leadership team of Soul Survivor Watford and uses her coaching skills working with emerging church leaders and those seeking to grow and develop in their Christian faith. Keith has 30 years experience in business leadership and coaches senior business leaders to flourish in work and life.

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At Soul Survivor Watford we want to help every couple build a great marriage. 

Marriage is one of the most exciting adventures we can ever embark on. Just like in any adventure, there are challenges to be overcome. How do we keep our relationships growing and thriving?

As part of building a strong relationship, Marriage Coaching offers any couple the opportunity to meet with a coach couple. Marriage Coaches don't tell couples what to do, or give advice. They understand and respect the fact that each marriage is unique to the couple, in the same way as each person is unique before God as an individual. Our coaches are trained to help couples explore what’s most important to them and to develop the skills and insights they need to build a marriage to last a lifetime. We want to be a church that helps couples build healthy relationships, that learns together and supports one another on the journey. Marriage coaches are there to share the journey for a time and help a couple build their marriage along the way. 

Who is it for?

Marriage coaching is for every couple – helping each couple go from good to great, building the future they really want. 

How long for?

Marriage coaching usually consists of 4 to 6 sessions of an hour and half each. 

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