Soul Survivor began in 1993 when Mike Pilavachi was released by St Andrews Chorleywood with 11 others to plant what we now call Soul Survivor Watford.

It all started in a front room on a Wednesday evening, and we’ve grown ever since. The vision was to provide a place where young people from all over Watford could come. ‘Dreggs Café’ was launched, providing an atmosphere where young people could be cared for and loved, and that could help spark an interest in Jesus.

Our vision is to bring the good news of Jesus to all, with a particular emphasis on young people. We aim to equip and encourage people to live the whole of their lives for God.

We’re an Anglican church which means we’re part of the Church of England. We now meet in two warehouses next to each other on an industrial estate in North Watford. Join us for one of our services; every Sunday we gather at 10.30am, 4.30pm and 7pm.

Statement regarding Soul Survivor Ministries - 8th June 2018

If you have heard that Soul Survivor is closing please be assured that this is Soul Survivor ministries who run events and not Soul Survivor Watford our church family. Soul Survivor ministries began around the same time as the church and was also started by one of our Senior Pastors, Mike Pilavachi, so they are strongly linked but they are two separate charitable trusts with different staff, leadership and trustee teams. Since 1993 Soul Survivor ministries has put on events for young people, sometimes seeing up to 30,000 attend in one summer. The events are closing after 2019 as the team feel it is time to step aside and allow others to rise up. You can find out more here


Rest assured this change at Soul Survivor ministries does not impact what we do at Soul Survivor Watford Church. We are at an exciting time as we look ahead at how we can continue to Grow God’s Family, working on building a new space that will allow us to serve and reach more people in our community over the coming years. We are expectant of all that God will do as we make space for more people to know him and remain committed to the values and ministry of Soul Survivor Watford. 


Naturally Supernatural (NSN), where we have our annual church holiday, is run by Soul Survivor ministries and will also close after the 2019 summer event. We will still be attending until then and would love for you to join us. Find out more by visiting the Welcome Bar on Sunday's or book via the NSN website.


Many of the team who run Soul Survivor ministries are part of our congregation so we will continue to support them in this final stretch as they look to finish well and find alternative employment.


If you have any further questions you will find a Q&A about the closing of the ministries here or please do talk to one of the church team.