We are located on a busy industrial estate and need to be considerate in how and where we park.

Please make sure you check for any parking restrictions or notices before leaving your car to ensure that you allowed to park in that location.

Please do not park on Torres 4, Aerospares, Anarchy or Flourish forecourts.



On Sundays we have a wonderful parking team who will assist you in finding a place to park. There is a drop off zone outside Warehouse 7, please then follow the signs and the parking team in yellow jackets who will direct you. On Sundays, some of our business neighbours have kindly allowed Soul Survivor to use their parking. Spaces are available outside the following business units, our car parking team will direct you to these locations.

If you require disabled access please let a member of the Parking Team know and they can guide you to the disabled access parking bay at the side of Warehouse 5.


Garnett Close

Tucker French, Corporate Gifting, Bobs Bits.

There is also pavement/kerb areas in this road to park along.


Greycaine Road (far side of estate)

Trailparts, Signet, Bathroom Heaven, Decor Tiles, Murphy, Orient Overflow, New Orient Car Park.

There is further pavement parking along this stretch.


Watford Trade Park (far side of estate)

All spaces*, including the disabled ones, are available. 

*As CTD is open, please do not park in front of their unit unless the space is marked with a tlc sign.


Please don’t park on double yellow lines or block entrances to other businesses. There are nearby residential streets in which you can park. Please be considerate if parking in these locations and ensure you don’t block driveways, we aim to be good neighbours! If you are able to walk or car-share with others coming to church from where you live, please do, this helps to keep the numbers of cars down.

Midweek Parking

For midweek daytime events parking is extremely limited. Please only park on Greycaine Road where parking is permitted, ensuring entrances are not blocked – we do not have the use of any carparks on Greycaine Road during week days. Otherwise please use nearby residential streets ensuring you do not block driveways.

Would you like to serve on parking team?

The Parking Team are integral on a Sunday morning to helping the church family park safely before the 10.30am service. If you would like to be part of the team click on the button below and fill out a Serve On Team form and we will get in touch with you.