We are pleased to announce that the Outdoor Group has become:

'The Outdoor Group Community Interest Company' 

Becoming an independent Community Interest Company (CIC) will enable The Outdoor Group to have the freedom to grow and work with other churches, schools and community groups. 

Although we will no longer be under the Soul Survivor Watford banner, we will continue to run the usual events and camps throughout the year, so nothing will change in that respect. Our new website is www.theoutdoorgroup.org Email: info@theoutdoorgroup.org 

Facebook: ‘The Outdoor Group’ 

I would like to thank Soul Survivor Watford for all their support, encouragement and advice over the years and look forward to continuing our close links with everyone at SSW.


Stories from The Outdoor Group


"The Outdoor Group has given us a chance for a holiday that we would never have been able to experience before. As a single mum, I struggle to give the kids the experience from a father's perspective. The outdoor doesn't just help you to go on holiday, we have gained so much more. Getting outside and letting the kids be kids, building fires, feeding red kytes, all the kids learning to ride their bikes, digging holes on the beach."


"The Outdoor Group means so much to us as a family and also myself as an individual. It gives us the opportunity to experience the great outdoors which would otherwise not have been explored.
I love the way I free myself up from the daily grind and feel closer to God through the wonder of creation. Sunsets, birds singing, NO TV! All these things help me to take a break from the norm and recharge my batteries. I know the children love the sense of freedom with the joy of wide open spaces and the freedom to run around, help cook, learn about camping life, make friends etc. It's great to see them grow & make happy memories.
I also love the fellowship of the outdoor group and the opportunity it gives me to take 2 young children sometimes out of my comfort zone but still feel safe and supported. It's very empowering - if I can cope with a child being sick in a tent one night I can do anything!!!