Resource Materials for Connect Group Leaders

 This page details some helpful ideas for running a Connect Group and also helpful information if you know of anyone struggling with certain things in your group and places you can signpost people to. 

Please let us know if you know of any resources and we will get it added to this page!

Over the coming months we are going to build a catalogue of ideas and resources for Connect Group leaders to use.  On the mezzanine floor we also have a bookshelf of resources which you are welcome to borrow and use with your group.  Please sign out in the little black book!


Connect Group Leaders Equipping Day 2019


All book resources for Connect Group Leaders are available at the Mezzanine Library at the top of the Mezzanine stairs.

Other Resources


Everyday Supernatural

Why not read through a book with your group such as 'Everyday Supernatural'.  Get everyone to read a chapter each week, then share what you've learnt from the chapter and how you can put some of it into practice.  Share stories of what God has done...share the good stories as well as the stories of when it's gone wrong.  This is a great way to grow together.

The Prayer Course

Journey through the Lord's Prayer with six short videos and a handy 'cheat sheet' for each session, all designed to fuel discussion and deepen our prayer lives.


Pregnancy Crisis & Support Centre offering help, advice and support to women going through pregnancy related problems. 

Charis tiwala

Support and assistance for those affected by human trafficking or sexual exploitation, within Hertfordshire. 

03003 650 023

Finding Freedom

A 10 week course for men and women seeking wholeness and restoration. 

Marriage coaching

Provides an opportunity to work together with another couple to explore ways to strengthen your marriage, develop new insights about each other and your relationship, and work through the inevitable challenges we all face. Keith & Juliet Johnson 01923 204200

The Marriage Course 

A series of three sessions designed to help couples invest in their relationship, build a strong marriage and learn some practical tools for a healthy relationship. Keith & Juliet Johnson 01923 204200

Mind Charity 

Mind is a mental health charity in Watford that seeks to support those dealing with mental health.

Connect Cafe

SSW, Warehouse 7 10-1pm: A listening ear, help accessing suitable help/services, free internet. Hot 2 course lunch – suggested donation £2

New Hope

Working with the homeless or vulnerably- housed in Watford

Pastoral Team at Soul Survivor Watford

Ali Martin (

Bob Wallington (

Vanessa Kerswill ( 

Juliet Johnson ( 

Jonny Stevens (

Helen Rushton ( 

Nicola Rolfe ( 

Ruth Yule (

Tom Smith (

Andy Symonds (

Lili Reilly (

Wellbeing Centre 

Psychological interventions for people with mild to moderate depression and anxiety disorders including Panic, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Generalised Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress and Health Anxiety. 

Colne House, 21 Upton Road, 

Watford, WD18 0JL 

01923 837146