At Soul Survivor Watford we are passionate about kids meeting with Jesus and having fun whether that’s in their groups on a Sunday or at our activities during the week.


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Soul Kids

Soul Kids provides a teaching programme on a Sunday morning for children from 0-11 years old. Our aim is that Soul Kids reflects the vision and values of Soul Survivor Watford and we structure our sessions to mirror Soul Survivor Watford Church but in an age appropriate way. 

We value worship and ministry and the Bible. Just as the adults at Soul Survivor Watford place an emphasis on these values, so do we in Soul Kids. We spend time in worship, including our ‘soaking song’ where we aim to listen to God as he speaks to us. We practise praying for each other and listening to God for each other too (prophecy). We also learn stories and verses from the bible and seek to make sense of how we apply these to our lives. 

All our sessions are high energy and fun but the focus of the morning is to learn more about God and to set aside time to focus on what he might be saying to us. 



Sunday Mornings during the 10.30am service.

Registration from 10.15am. Pick from 12.00.



Warehouse 7, Greycaine Road, Watford, WD24 7GP




Timings and structure

Our sessions run throughout the morning service with registration open from from 10.15am and pick up between 12:00-12.15pm.
Upon registration, you will be issued with a tag that is unique to your child. This tag must be returned at the door during collection time so that we can release the correct child to the correct adult. Any adult without their individual tag will not be able to collect their child. 

In all groups except Little Stars and Big Stars, our sessions start with breakfast and free play until everyone has arrived. Come early to grab a slice of toast and chat to your friends! 



Each month Soul Kids has a theme but the different ages have slightly different sessions around this theme.
Themes have or will include: “Who on Earth Put That There?” (Creation), “Children Jesus Met”, “Heroes of the Bible”, and “Unlikely Heroes”.

Soul Kids Groups


Little stars (0-2 Years*)

Little Stars is play-based venue which includes an age appropriate bible story, craft, worship time and prayer. Activities in Little Stars will be playing, singing, stories and a small, age appropriate craft. Our team are encouraged to ‘play and pray’ as they hang out with your little ones.

Little Stars meet in ‘The Den’ in Warehouse 5. This is in the café area behind the main auditorium. Please inform the leader of any particular needs or requirements your child has.

Big Stars (2-3 years*) 

Big Stars is a play-based venue which includes an age appropriate bible story, craft, worship time and prayer. The activities will be more robust than in Little Stars, where lots of energy can be exuded and fun can be had! 

*We recommend children stay in Big Stars until the term after their third birthday, when their 15 hours Nursery funding is available. Children moving group before this time often find the session structure of the next group up difficult as they are not used to the structures and expectations found there. 

Big Stars meet in ‘The Study’ in Warehouse 7. Please access the building through the single door at the far end of Warehouse 7. This allows us to restrict the number of adults walking through the rest of the building. 

Red Group (Nursery & Reception) & Green Group (Years 1 and 2)

Red Group and Green Group start off together with a story time, a fun game and some worship. The story and song time are engaging and fun with lots of actions and chances to get be moving and active.  The groups then split into much smaller groups (based on age) and children have a discussion and prayer time led by an adult. This is followed by a fun craft or game related to the theme of the morning. 

Red and Green Group meet in the coffee bar area and carpeted area of Warehouse 7. Children can be picked up from the dividing door in this area. 

Blue Group (Years 3 and 4)
Yellow Group (Years 5 and 6)

Blue Group and Yellow Group start off together with a time of worship which reflect the songs and worship time in big church. They then stay together for the introduction of the story or theme and a messy game. After that, Blue group and Yellow Group split down into smaller groups ready for discussion and prayer time. Activities or games follow this. 

Blue and Yellow Group meet in the large cafe area of Warehouse 7. Children can be picked up from the dividing door that leads to this café area. 


Our Family Room

During the 10.30 service in Warehouse 5 we have a family room for parents & children.  The audio of the service is fed into this room.  We know some weeks your kids may not want to go into Soul Kids.  This is a great space to take your kids to if they are unsettled during the service.  You  can access this through the door by the Welcome Bar in the main sanctuary.

Nursing room

During the 10.30 service we have a dedicated room for nursing mums of babies with one-way glass and audio so you can still see and hear the service if you want somewhere quiet to feed and change your baby.  This room is accessed from the cafe in Warehouse 5, next to The Den. 

Soul Tots

Friday Night thing

Friday Night Thing is an after school club for school years 3-6. Come along to for fun, games, snacks and bring a little money for the tuck shop. Everyone welcome.

When: Friday term-time

Upcoming Dates: 

  • 19th October

  • 16th November

Time: 6pm-7.30pm

Where: Warehouse 7, Greycaine Road, Watford, WD24 7GP

Cost: Free. Bring a little money for the tuck shop if you'd like a snack.


Energise Family Cafe

Energise is our family café with kids craft, face painting, toys and games.

When: 1st Friday of the month

Upcoming Dates:

  • 7th December

Time: 3.30pm – 5.30pm

Where: Warehouse 7, Greycaine Road, Watford, WD24 7GP

Cost: £4 per family (includes a meal and craft activity)